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Christine Moss

Coach Christine began as a gym mom. She had all three of her girls in gymnastics, two of which have competed up to Level 8. About 15 years ago, she began to commit to the KIPS program as a coach as well. She began with the preschool classes and worked her way up. Christine has been a Team coach and Professional USA Gymnastics Member since 2008. With an AAS in accounting, a bachelors in business management, and a minor in management information systems, she became the KIPS full time manager in 2014. As a small town gymnastics program, there has been a fair amount of difficulties keeping KIPS Gymnastics afloat. Coach Christine is the woman keeping this amazing program alive and thriving. She is the pillars to our gymnastics empire here in Colville, and without her love for the gymnasts, constant support for the program, and numerous hours of time and commitment donated to our cause, we would not be as fortunate to have this incredible program for our children

Kinzie Moss

Coach Kinzie began her gymnastics career when she was just two years old.  Last year, she dedicated herself to her final year as a competitive gymnast.  While working alongside Christine and Samantha to eventually take over KIPS, Kinzie also owns her esthetician business; Kinzetics Beauty. Kinzie absolutely loves this sport and dedicates 100% of her time to the gym.  In 2014, she began to coach some of the younger classes, as well as helping coach Team.  Kinzie's love for children and constant positive energy make the gym environment always a happy one.  Coach Kinzie, with her knowledge and passion for gymnastics, is an immense asset to our KIPS staff.

Samantha Dyar

Coach Sammi has been in the KIPS program since she was two years old.  She began competing at age six and went on to Level 8. After an Achilles tear as a freshman in high school, Sammi dedicated her time to coaching. She took on all the preschool, recreational, and level classes while helping with Team. Using her 13 years of gymnastics experience and knowledge that she gains at camps, doing research, her years in Montana coaching at the elite Lone Mountain gymnastics, as well as, her Professional USA Gymnastics membership, Sammi continues to help our gymnasts. Combining her love for this program, gymnastics, and children her dedication is unwavering. Working with Coach Kinzie, they have become quite the Dynamic Duo to our KIPS staff. Recently, Sammi has introduced KIPS to an Active Learning Program. It uniquely integrates physical play with academic learning. She feels passionately about children growing up LOVING to be ACTIVE and learning as they PLAY!

Teryn McCurdy

Coach Teryn has been in gymnastics since 2012. She started coaching in the spring of 2016 as an assistant to Coach Kinzie. Now, she has been an incredible coach to our Pre-Team; the Shining and Shooting Stars for multiple years and now she will be a Bronze Team Coach. She says "It has been a journey of learning about each child and helping them achieve full potential. On my spare time, I also enjoy riding my horse, Moon, and hanging out with my friends. For this competitive season my main goal is to teach our girls to be the best everyone can be." This year we get her a little longer since she can go to college at Eastern online, and we are excited for all that is to come.

Bethany Elliott

Madison Anderson



Nickie Bird

Front Desk and Office Staff


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