Lil’ Stars  *Ages: Walking- 4 years (with parent or caregiver), boys and girls

Our youngest gymnasts have the opportunity to learn the ‘first steps’ of gymnastics with the
comfort of their parent or caregiver and the guidance of their first gymnastics coach.  A great
opportunity for tots to meet new friends, play games and get out their wiggles, all while building listening skills and coordination. This class meets for 40 minutes, once a week.

Twinkle Stars *Ages:3-5 years, boys and girls

Preschool gymnastics is the perfect opportunity for your little bundle of energy to play, laugh
and learn. Helping to boost your child’s development both physically and mentally with plenty

of games and giggles along the way, this class introduces gymnastics with a focus on fun. 

Children explore their physical abilities through age-appropriate activities on the four Olympic events as well as the use of such preschool equipment as incline mats, tunnels, donuts, parachutes, and trampolines. This program will enhance their listening skills and help them learn to follow directions in our safe and fun environment. This call meets for 45 minutes, once a week.

Starlites *Ages:4-6 years, boys and girls

This class is designed to help enhance basic gymnastics skills, social skills, hand-eye coordination and working with other children to learn important concepts like taking turns,
following directions, and listening skills. These kiddos will have opportunities to use equipment
just their size for all four gymnastic events (bars, beam, floor and vault) plus the all time
favorite- tumbl trak, because who doesn’t love a 40ft long trampoline! This class meets for
1 hour, once a week. 

Starbrites *Ages: 6-8 years

This class is open to new and continuing gymnasts alike. They will learn correct body positions for skills such as handstands, forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, and much more, utilizing all equipment including vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. Games and all around fun are still a vital part of the experience as these gymnasts get an opportunity to develop new skills and confidence. This class meets for 1 hour, two days each week.

Starlets *Ages: 9+ years, girls

For the older child that is just starting out or the gymnast that is ready for a little more, this
class is a great opportunity for young girls to make new friends, develop strength, flexibility
and most importantly a strong self confidence. A fun and relaxed atmosphere that encourages
attentiveness, persistence and a positive attitude is the base line as this class continues to
teach your child how to further develop and learn new skills in basic gymnastics. They will
spend time on all events, including vault, bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. As these
girls progress, they will begin to learn simple gymnastics routines while learning how to goal
set as an individual and begin to understand how to develop around other classmates.
This class meets for 1 hour, two days each week.

Blazing Stars *Ages: 7+ years, boys

With training in strength, flexibility, balance and coordination this class has a lot to offer the
boys and young men interested in gymnastics or any other sport for which the development
of these skills could improve their performance. This class meets one day each week.

Falling Stars *Ages 18+, ADULTS

An opportunity for parents to condition, stretch their tired muscles, and learn gymnastics!


*Ages given for classes are generalizations. It is our intent to help each child find the class that most benefits him or her as an individual. A child may be younger or older than the given perameters depending on what is the best fit for that child. Please speak to your child's coach if you have questions about what is the best class for your gymnast.

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