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we greatly appreciate your communication and support!

Make sure to thoroughly read our KIPS policies when enrolling your child. Here are some things that often get missed.

1. There is an annual registration fee that renews every Fall Session.

2. Payment for a month must be paid BEFORE the month begins. On the 10th of each month a $20 late fee will be applied to your account.

3. Dropping your child from a class must be told to us either in person or through email and happen BEFORE a month begins. If you drop your child after the 1st of the month and have not paid your balance, you will be charged a cancellation fee regardless of how many classes your gymnast attended.

4. Masks are optional, as it poses an IMMEDIATE danger to an athletes health.

5. Make-ups can happen through our Saturday Open Gym. However, you only get ONE make-up a month and it must be told to the staff member watching Open Gym to prevent getting charged.

Please click here to read the full KIPS Policies & Agreements.

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