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Strive for Progress not for "Perfection"

The mission of the KIPS Gymnastics Club is to provide a positive and healthy gymnastics environment. KIPS is committed to the health and well being of mind, body and spirit. Our friendly, professional staff is committed to providing high-quality training in a safe, positive and nurturing environment for every child that comes to our facility. We are devoted to teach children the positive life skills of discipline, goal setting, perseverance, fitness, and self confidence. This mission includes all skills in gymnastics from preschool age through high school age children. We strive to better the skills of our gymnasts to the best of each child's abilities.


Our Vision & Values

Our vision statement reflects the preferred future for the KIPS Gymnastics Club. We are innovators in the sport community, accessible to all. We provide dynamic and quality programming. We strive for the gymnasts to build physical and mental strength, drive, and confidence through the enjoyment of this sport.

The KIPS Gymnastics Club values the following fundamental principles and beliefs.

  • Integrity - We adhere to honest, moral, and ethical principles.

  • Teamwork - We work together to achieve our goals.

  • Ambition - We earnestly strive to be the best that we can.

  • Respect - We respect each other as individuals. We respect our club and its properties.

  • Accountability - We accept responsibility for our actions

Meet The Staff


CHristine Moss, Samantha Dyar, & Kinzie Owens

Christine began as a gym mom to her two daughters Samantha and Kinzie who were competitive gymnasts for over a decade. From there Christine worked her way up from Preschool Coach, to Rec Coach, and then to Team Coach - her daughters following in her footsteps. 

With an AAS in accounting, a bachelors in business management, and a minor in management information systems, she became the KIPS full time manager in 2014 and then bought KIPS in 2016.

Samantha left for college 2014 and gained knowledge at Lone Mountain Gymnastics & Swim School where she learned what it was like to be a manager at a gym with over 1500 enrolled children, as well as, found her passion in a movement based preschool. All of which she brought back to KIPS when she returned in 2018.

Kinzie has never been away from KIPS. Even while attending esthetician and nail tech school - she travels back and forth from Spokane so that she can still be a Team Coach.

Heather Boring, MadDY Anderson, Hollie Moss, SKylar Anderson, & Bella Maddox

Heather Boring is our Lead Active Einsteins Preschool Teacher & Preschool Gymnastics Director & Coach! You will catch her amazing teaching abilities and positive energy while working with the littles.

Maddy Anderson is our Assistant Active Einsteins Teacher & Preschool Gymnastics Coach & Rec Coach! She has the sweetest personality that you will see many of the children trust her instantly.

Hollie Moss is our Advanced Rec & Pre Team Coach! Using her experience as a competitive gymnast, she finds a great balance of making gymnastics both fun and challenging.

Skylar Anderson is another Rec Coach! She makes classes a ton of fun and is a natural athlete using her ballet background.

Bella Maddox is our Cheer Coach! Using her experience as a competitive gymnast and a high school cheerleader, she helps children quickly gain their tumbling and stunting!

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